About US

Charles (Chuck) kaucher

Chuck has over 25 years experience in business including Big 4 experience as a CPA and in the financial markets as a private trader. Comfortable in C-suite and senior management engagement where client relations are critical to business development and strategic alliances.

Tom Berger

Tom has over 45 years in business, having led seven different companies as well as held the positions of a Company Officer/Board Member with several since 1990. Tom is also a mentor to startups at Tech Alpharetta. Tom also has published hundreds of business articles to his website CXO-Atlas

Scott Wold

Scott brings over 30 years of sales, marketing, business strategy, and executive leadership experience when mentoring founders of startups. Scott has led three companies as well as sat on the Board for two companies. Scott is also active with several non-profits including Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International, and Kiwanis International

Our Members

Our Members are the vital individuals that attend each meeting to provide help and feedback to the presenters. They are seasoned business leaders to experienced entrepreneurs, who share a common belief in "paying it forward" to help new entrepreneurs and companies succeed.

Reinvest profits

Tech Alpharetta, the first organization of its kind in Georgia, was established in 2012 by the City of Alpharetta, GA. Comprised of Alpharetta’s leading technology companies, both large and small, the members are charged with identifying and pursuing key investment opportunities and policy decisions for Alpharetta’s technology companies and its burgeoning technology industry.

The City of Alpharetta is home to nearly 600 technology companies, making up 35% of Where Georgia Leads technology companies. The city also houses over a quarter of Metro Atlanta’s top 25 technology employers, resulting in the city’s daytime working population exceeding that of residents. With one the most robust and redundant fibre and power fibre infrastructure networks in the south-east, Alpharetta has been a central hub for new and relocating technology companies. To continue to foster this growth, the ATC’s mission has created four subcommittees to add value beyond geography.

  • GROW – Designed to support entrepreneurship, innovation, and start-up tech.
  • BUILD – Focused on identifying and developing advanced infrastructure that will support the technologies of tomorrow.
  • BRAND – Creating new messaging that will help to attract new business investment and maintain Alpharetta’s position as a leading location for technology ventures
  • ENGAGE – Enhancing relationships among Alpharetta’s technology companies and building understanding of the business in which they are engaged.