The Entrepreneurial Hour

Where we provide practical feedback to rising entrepreneurs


We are a volunteer group of business leaders who offer advice to entrepreneurs. We expect absolutely nothing in return.

What we offer

The Entrepreneurial Hour (T.E.H.) is a “pay it forward” organization focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups succeed. The Entrepreneurial Hour holds weekly meetings where one founder/startup presents to a group of seasoned business leaders who offer friendly but candid advice. We offer practical feedback and a safe place to practice your pitch for a friendly community, present your company, build awareness, think through a challenge you’re facing, and be able to a get fresh perspective on an issue.

This is a friendly community but not “friends and family.” Friends and family are very supportive and necessary to success and we give thanks for that. But they are not always objective or candid. We tell you what your family and friends won’t. This is tough love for the entrepreneur. We ask many questions of clarification and rigorously assess your ideas and marketability and the value of your opportunity or at least as much as time permits.

We know how important support, encouragement, and honest feedback are, because many of us have been in your shoes. We want to pay it forward. So we give an hour of our time every week to help entrepreneurs like you. Some advice will resonate, and some won’t. You might even hear conflicting advice! Simply take what you like and leave the rest. We only ask you to have an open mind and take notes.

Our Team

Our team is a set of amazing indiviuals that work to help "pay-it-forward". We make sure you get the feedback you need to be sucessful.